Key features

View reports

Track and improve group productivity using a rich Power BI visualization dashboard for Kaizala groups

Manage your groups

Onboard your employees to Kaizala quickly via bulk creation and management of groups

Integrate apps with Microsoft Kaizala

Integrate your internal or external applications with Kaizala using REST APIs

How it works

Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile app and service that helps you communicate and coordinate work with large groups of people, even if they're not part of your organization. Coordinate frequently-used tasks with built-in "Actions," which work like "mini apps" for common workflow scenarios. Some examples of built-in Actions are: assign jobs, conduct polls and surveys, or share attachments. With a unique groups-within-groups structure, you can easily set up Kaizala to mirror your organization's hierarchy.

The Kaizala Management Portal is a web-based application, which adds advanced management capabilities to enhance Kaizala usage for your organization. Portal users need a valid Microsoft Kaizala Pro license to sign-in. After sign-in, you can self-map an Office 365 account to a corresponding Kaizala-registered phone number.

More reasons to use Kaizala

Communicate in large groups

Quickly set up large hierarchical groups per your organization structure. Send message broadcasts, polls, surveys, and many more Actions to thousands of users.

Integrate actions with custom applications

Securely send and track Kaizala Actions based on certain events in your custom application using REST APIs. For example, assign a job to a specific individual in a group based on certain criteria.

Track and visualize progress

View productivity trends and data aggregation at the team or organization level within a Power BI-based rich reports dashboard.

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